2017 Halls of Residence Frequently Asked Questions

Applications for 2017 accommodation in the Halls of Residence open very soon and we expect that students may have some questions regarding our accommodation and our application process. Please see below for some information that you may find useful. You may also wish to consult our Accommodation Guide or contact our office if we can help you further.

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2017 Halls of Residence Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply?

Applications for 2017 open online from August 1st 2016.


Is there an application deadline?

Students must have their application complete before October 1st 2016 in order to be considered for the initial round of accommodation offers. It is essential that students check their emails in case the Accommodation Service needs to contact them regarding their application.

How many halls are there?

Victoria University of Wellington has ten halls suitable for first year students, including a new 300 bed hall for 2017. We also offer accommodation for students in their second year and above.

Is there more than one type of hall?

We have two types of halls: Catered and Self-Catered. Catered Halls are generally reserved for 1st year students under the age of 20, and provide all meals as well as a range of services and activities. Self-catered halls are self-contained apartments or flats where students cook for themselves. Stafford House is the only self-catered hall that accommodates domestic students under 20 years old.

How do I choose what to apply for?

Our halls offer consistent services and support, so it is easy for students to pick halls based on personal preference. Factors which may be considered include whether it’s preferable to live in the city or further away, the size of the hall, and the facilities available. Students indicate which their three top halls are on the application form, however we do advise against including both Katharine Jermyn and Te Puni Village in your preferences. These halls are very popular and students who list them as a second or third preference may not be considered.

Which halls are the closest to campus?

All of our halls are within a short walk of campus, with the exception of Helen Lowry Hall which offers a free shuttle service for its residents.

When will the accommodation offers be sent?

2017 offers of accommodation will be sent out from mid-October 2016.

What if I want to change my hall preferences after completing an application?

Students who wish to change their preferences can do so by notifying the Accommodation Service before the 15th of September 2016.

Can the cater for my dietary needs?

Most dietary requirements can be catered for in our halls, provided the hall knows in advance. There is space on our application form to indicate dietary restrictions, or the Accommodation Service can be informed.

What is a CCRF?

A CCRF is a Common Confidential Reference Form. This is required for accommodation applications across many tertiary institutions in New Zealand and is completed by a representative from the student’s secondary school. More information can be found at www.ccrf.ac.nz

Am I guaranteed an offer of accommodation?

Some students are guaranteed an offer of accommodation from a Hall of Residence, though this may not necessarily be from one of their initial choices. To receive a guaranteed offer, students must complete their application before the deadline of October 1st 2016 and have

         been endorsed with excellence at NCEA Level 2 (or the equivalent in IB and CIE) or

         received the Victoria Excellence Scholarship or

         received the Victoria Achiever’s Scholarship

What fees do I have to pay?

All students need pay the one off, non-refundable application fee of $75. Upon acceptance of an offer of accommodation a deposit is required which is typically between $500 – $600.  Accommodation fees for domestic students are paid in quarterly instalments with the first instalment due in early-mid February. For more details regarding pricing please refer to our Accommodation Guide or Student Finance.

Does Studylink pay my fees?

Studylink does not pay for student accommodation fees directly. Students will need to be able to pay the first instalment up front as Study link payments will not begin until after the instalment is due. After this residents can arrange with their bank for Studylink payments to be credited against the next fee instalment. It’s also worth noting the Studylink may not cover all of your accommodation costs.