Dear Christchurch Boys’ High School,

We are delighted to advise that the next deadline for Student Exchange Scholarship and Early Bird Discount applications is Thursday, 31st March. This is for all programs departing between October – March 2017.

Scholarships are open to students, aged between 15-18 years and offer the unique opportunity to live and study overseas. Students’ language skills improve, their independence and maturity is enhanced and they gain an important edge when it comes to future career and study opportunities.

Being immersed in a different culture via a student exchange program is the path to self-confidence, personal development, and a high self-esteem. The Ministry of Education (MOE) acknowledged last year the value of cross cultural interactions and experiences for students. MOE released a report highlighting the need to implement new ways to expand diversity on the international outlook of students in New Zealand. The report has considered how knowledge, skills and attitudes, that enable people to live, work and learn across national and cultural boundaries, could be better taught in schools. They are not a new or separate learning area, but can be developed and applied by students across all the key learning areas. The NZCER’s report, “Measuring NZ students’ international capabilities: An exploratory study” can be viewed from here and information on how international capabilities fit into the NZ curriculum is available from the NZC Online site.

There are 13 scholarships on offer each year, valued from $2,500 up to $3,500. Students don’t need to be A-grade to apply and the top language student doesn’t necessarily win. Your career advisor, creative art and/or language teachers may be interested to promote our scholarships.
•2 x Volunteer and Community Involvement Scholarships – these scholarships are available to eligible students from Australia and New Zealand who are actively involved in their local community and have a desire to help build the community and make a difference to the people who live around them.
•2 x Indigenous Scholarships – these scholarships are available to eligible indigenous students from Australia and New Zealand.
•3 x International Affairs Scholarships – these scholarships offer those with a keen interest in international affairs a chance to sample the world first hand.
•3 x Language Scholarships – these scholarships offer language students the chance to immerse themselves in the language and culture of their choice.
•3 x Digital Video Scholarships – these scholarships offer creative students the chance to immerse themselves in the country and culture of their choice by demonstrating their personal story and goals for an exchange through a creative video.

Students can also make a saving of up to $1,000 off the program fee with an Early Bird Discount:
•$1,000 discount for programs of 10-12 months
•$500 discount for programs of 5-7 months
•$250 discount for programs of 2-3 months

The deadline for Early Bird Applications is Thursday, 31st March 2016.

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