Sir Paul Callaghan EUREKA Awards

Sir Paul Callaghan EUREKA! Awards – Big prizes, Scholarships, Entry Deadline, Regional Competitions, National Finals Symposium

Secondary School or university undergraduate students who wish to enter the Sir Paul Callaghan EUREKA! Awards for 2015 have until Friday 19 June to register their entry

Prize money has been doubled this year with the Premier Award worth $10,000 and three runners up getting $5,000 each. Each Finalist receives $1500 just for being selected for the Finals Symposium on Thursday 3 September.

All Finalists also attend the Finalists and Sponsors Dinner on Wednesday 2 Septemberand then after the Finals Symposium will be hosted at the Governor General’s Awards Dinner at Government House on Thursday 3 September.

This year we are also holding a EUREKA! Alumni gathering on Friday 4 Septemberwhere new members of the Alumni Group will be welcomed into the organisation by the rest of the group.

The RCW EUREKA! Trust has also obtained support for an increasing number of Scholarships worth up to $2500. Several of the Scholarships are linked to the National Science Challenges.
The full list of Scholarships and the selection criteria are on the Sir Paul Callaghan EUREKA! website

The RCW EUREKA! Trust has recognised the need to encourage greater participation in STEM courses by Maori and Pasifika students and has received sponsorship from Contact Energy Ltd and Ministry of Education for several Scholarships for Maori and Pasifika students.

Regional Competitions to identify regional winners who will be eligible for selection for the National Finals are scheduled from Sunday 21 June (Canterbury) until Saturday 25 July (Waikato, Auckland and Palmerston North). The full schedule is available on the following link

Finalists selection will be completed by Saturday 1 August.