Gateway Red Badge Security/Awesome Events

March 7, 2018

Red Badge provides total security and event staffing solutions. Their focus is always on the customer and they pride themselves on delivering unique, world class experiences.

Red Badge are involved in some of NZ’s greatest events. No one day is the same as the next. You could be involved in Festivals, Expos, Rugby, League, Concerts, Football, Netball and some of NZ’s major concerts.

Red Badge’s biggest contracts in Christchurch include AMI Stadium, Hagley Oval, Horncastle Arena, and the Arts Centre.

The Gateway programme involves voluntary work experience, normally weekend work, at venues with low risk and under strict supervision; this is event type work not undertaking security roles.

If you have leadership ability or are looking to develop it, interested in events and the opportunity to learn new skills this is the place to start. Upon completion of the Gateway programme students may be considered for casual paid employment.

To be eligible to apply you must be 17+ years of age.

For more information please see Mrs Reiha in Careers.