UC – New Major: BSc Medicinal Chemistry

August 6, 2019

UC Science – New major available in Medicinal Science

Starting in 2020, we’ll be offering a new science major–Medicinal Chemistry–as part of our Bachelor of Science degree.

Medicinal chemistry students will learn about the process of drug discovery – from lead generation and molecular optimisations through to production, clinical approval and treatment.  The course provides a solid grounding in chemistry, and also in critical thinking,  analytical skills, logic and innovation.

Students will be exposed to research areas where medicinal chemistry can make a real impactsuch as diabetes and cardiovascular research, looking for alternatives to 1080 for pest control, how to prevent Kauri dieback and understanding how to prevent bee colony collapse.

Career options include roles in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, drug discovery, design and sales, patent law, environmental toxicology, the food industry, experimental research, medicine and management.

Please share the Medicinal Chemistry brochure with your school.