Exciting Career Opportunities in the Food and Fibre Sectors

December 3, 2019

From protecting the environment to innovating new products and services for export, the food and fibre sectors are growing in size.

The sectors offer a wide range of rewarding careers in the environment, engineering, IT, design, science and manufacturing sectors. Whether your learners’ enjoy working indoors or outdoors, in the city or the country, with high tech equipment or their hands – there’s a career to suit each learners’ skills and interests.

If that sounds like something they would be interested in, we’ve developed a section on our website showcasing the range of exciting food and fibres opportunities available. Click through to discover more.

Click on the link above to explore more of the exciting opportunities in the fast-growing food and fibre Sectors on the Careers NZ website.

Save the planet with a tech career in food and fibres

The food and fibre sectors are changing. Due to climate change, biosecurity, sustainable production, plant-based food demand and animal welfare skilled workers are needed in areas including research, digital, biology, engineering and robotics. Discover the exciting careers available for your learners’.

5 surprising careers in the food and fibre sectors

Food and fibre jobs are not just about putting on gumboots and milking cows. Some jobs involve creating new foods while others focus on protecting the land from harmful animals and plants. From piloting to creating garments, here are five unusual food and fibre jobs which could surprise your learners’.