Parent & Whānau Guide – University of Canterbury

July 30, 2020

There are now more choices than ever when it comes to tertiary education, so whānau play an important role in
supporting taiohi to choose what to study and which university to go to.

To support parents through this process, our UC whānau have developed a useful Guide with information and advice.

The key factor students need to consider is what subject/ degree programme they want to study and which universities offer the best education and in their chosen field.

As whānau, you can help them consider other important factors such as:
• accommodation choices
• connection to facilities and services that will support their learning and life as a new UC ākonga, student, identifying safety and support services
• career planning, development and employment assistance
• scholarships
• managing a social life and opportunities outside of study to connect with others
• overseas study options.

Check out the UC Whānau Guide here.