Tips for choosing subjects for Years 12 & 13

July 30, 2020

At this time of year, you’ll be starting to think about what subjects to study at school next year.

A key tip from many experts is to choose subjects you are passionate about, because if you enjoy something you are more likely to get good at it.

Of course, sometimes you need to do something in the short term that might not be a favourite topic in order to get to where you want to be. Before you get to Year 13 it’s important to know the school subjects you need to take if you’re thinking about studying certain subjects at university.

For all subjects at university, students need to be competent in the use and understanding of written and spoken English. School subjects such as English, Classical Studies, History, Geography or Economics are useful in teaching these key skills.

Some careers and degrees have recommended pathways from school, for example some qualifications require specific achievement levels in subjects such as Physics or Calculus.

Detailed information on subjects that are useful for particular UC qualifications is available from a variety of sources:

You might also find it helpful to watch this short Pathways for Year 12 video featuring tips and advice from current UC students.

If you know what you enjoy, but aren’t yet sure what you might want to do after secondary school, these resources can help you identify options:

Making wise subject choices now, can make achieving your goals in the future easier, so please contact us if you have any questions or want some advice.

Ngā mihi
UC Liaison Team | Te Rōpū Takawaenga