Hurunui Garden Festival Scholarship application extension

September 20, 2021

Hurunui Garden Festival Scholarship

To support these uncertain Covid times, we have decided to extend the timeline for applications to be submitted,  by a month. This means your students now have until 31st October 2021 to get their applications in.

Information and Criteria
The Hurunui Garden Festival Inc. is committed to investing back to its community. The committee
is united in following its ethos of being inspirational and supportive to the residents of the Hurunui.
In any given year that the HGF Inc. makes a reasonable profit, it will give one student (or more)
graduating from a Hurunui secondary school, a scholarship to the value of $2000 towards their study
in horticulture, agriculture, landscape design or a similar related field at their choice of tertiary
institute. This scholarship is also open to any home schooled student who will be going onto study in
these related fields at a tertiary institution too.
Who can apply?
Any student in their final year of schooling from year 11 to year 13.
Applicants must have their family home within the Hurunui District boundary, although it is
recognised that some applicants may currently be attending a school outside the district.
What does the student need to study?
Horticulture, Agriculture, Landscape Design or a related field. Similar fields can apply but
preference will be given to those mentioned.
Why would a student apply?
To assist with the fees associated with the course such as tuition fees, text books, any course related
costs or living costs.
When can the student apply?
Applications can be emailed to by 31 October 2021
How does the student apply?
The student needs to write a very brief (no more than one page) letter to the HGF committee
outlining the following:
• Who they are
• Their contact details
• What course / qualification they are going to study and where
• Why they have chosen this study pathway and what is their dream job
• Include a reference from a teacher or Principal
• Include a reference from a family friend or neighbour outlining why the student applying
would be a worthy recipient of the scholarship

Additional application criteria to note:
1. Applications in full e.g., a one-page letter and references attached must be emailed to the
committee by 31 October 2021
2. Please include contact details of the referees in the event the committee require further
information from them
3. The HGF committee will make the final decision and no discussions will be entered into
4. The committee has the right to award the scholarship to one person or more, meaning the total
amount of the scholarship will be split equally between the recipients
5. The scholarship can be spent on tuition fees, textbooks, course related costs or living
6. The winner of the scholarship will be contacted by the committee and payment will be made
into the winner/s bank account via direct credit no later than 31 January 2022
7. Proof of enrolment and acceptance to the tertiary institution will be required before 31st
November 2021 before payment will be made


If you have any questions or require clarification about the scholarship, you are very welcome to contact us.

Chairperson – Gary Mitchell         03 319 8823 / 027 635 6658

Secretary – Anita Todd                    03 314 4090