Year 13 students – It’s time to create a REALME account

September 20, 2021

What is RealMe?

RealMe is the secure way to prove who you are online. You can use it in two ways: to prove who you are when you’re online, and to log into lots of NZ government sites and services.

You will need to complete this process as part of applying for tertiary courses.



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How it works

  1. Create a RealMe account 
    • All you need is a username and password to start using RealMe as a login.
  2. Verify your identity
    • Add your personal information and get your photo taken at a PostShop to use RealMe as online ID.

      If you’re renewing your adult passport online you can verify your identity at the same time.

  3. Link your postal address
    • RealMe will post you a letter with a confirmation code.

You’ll only need to prove who you are in person every 5 years.

Where you can use it

You can use RealMe to:

  • apply for tertiary courses
  • apply for government jobs
  • renew your passport
  • update your electoral roll details
  • log into StudyLink.