CBHS is now using CareerCentral as a key career planning tool with all students from Years 9 to 13.  This programme  is now available to all students and parents who are keen to start exploring it.

Log in to CareerCentral Here


  • Identify personal qualities, interests, career values and skills.
  • Browse, research and store jobs that they think will suit them.
  • Indicate intentions for the following year, including subjects they are considering or tertiary education.
  • Indicate interest in other programs (e.g Gateway, STAR/Taster courses, and trade academies.)
  • Create a CV.
  • View their interview notes.
  • Message the Careers Advisor, book an interview, or make a request (e.g a reference for a job).
  • Explore resources and opportunities such as event invitations, relevant notices and links to useful websites for further information.
  • Set personal, education, and careers goals.


  • View student interview notes in the student’s individual profile.
  • View their son’s responses from completed Career Central modules.
  • Contact the Careers staff.
  • Learn about the role of parents in career planning.
  • Due to anytime, anywhere access from any device, students are able to complete modules at home, with guidance from their parents.

Parents are empowered to have career conversations so career planning can take place at home.