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Gateway student success

Senior students on the Gateway programme have enjoyed gaining practical experience together with industry-based qualifications across a range of industries and businesses while continuing with their studies at school. Christchurch Boys’ High School Gateway students gain a “real life” look at future career paths, explore selected industries and work with local businesses one day a week. These business relationships form an important part of Christchurch Boys’ High School’s links with our local community. Our students benefit by developing necessary employment skills and making valuable industry contacts whilst evaluating their career choices. Employers benefit by having access to future trainees and employees and by contributing to growth and training in their industry and local community. Some of our past Gateway students are now supervising and training our current Gateway students.


The Gateway programme has resulted in positive outcomes for some of our students this year.

Congratulations to Luke Sullivan who accepted a building apprenticeship with LM Built in July, Max McGillivray who was offered an electrical apprenticeship with IES Group and Blake Clements who has accepted a building apprenticeship with Gardiner Builders.

Trade up

If you like cars and are interested in how engines work, why not “trade up” to a career as a mechanic or automotive technician. You’ll service, rebuild and repair vehicle engines, parts and systems.


Bradyn Taylor’s inspiration for a career in Automotive Engineering sparked from a family friend who remodelled and fixed cars, in particular a V8. Bradyn was impressed by the scope of projects his friend had built and thought to himself “that would be really cool to do”.


At Christchurch Boys’ High School, Career planning begins in year 10. This is when Bradyn really started thinking about his future and making plans to achieve his goals, enquiring about the different courses the school offered in year 11 to help him realise his dreams. In Year 11 Bradyn attended a number of STAR/Taster courses in Automotive Engineering. These courses further confirmed this was the career direction he wished to pursue.


By Year 12 Bradyn had heard about Gateway and was successful in gaining a place on the programme. Gateway involved Bradyn attending a work placement with Ilam Toyota one day per week to gain hands on practical experience in an actual automotive workshop. Bradyn really recommends Gateway, “it gives you a good insight into the requirements for your career choice and what everyday employment really involves”. Impressed by the professionalism of the Toyota Dealership, the welcoming staff and fun environment, Bradyn was very eager to gain an apprenticeship with them. Equally impressed were Ilam Toyota with Bradyn, his work ethic and attitude. Jason Gwatkin, Ilam Toyota’s Service Manager advised Bradyn to complete a pre trade course. Bradyn enrolled with the Southern Institute of Technology and completed a nine-month pre trade course whilst still attending work placement with Ilam Toyota once a week.


Upon hearing there was a vacancy in the Vehicle Grooming department, Bradyn took the initiative to approach Ilam Toyota and requested that he be considered for the role with the view this would lead into an automotive apprenticeship. Bradyn was offered the position.


Now on his way to becoming a qualified automotive mechanic, Bradyn encourages others to consider learning a trade.

“It can be hard to take that first step, but if you have even the slightest idea that you might enjoy being in a trade, I’d say  find out a bit more. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to find the right career pathway for you. Not all pathways require staying at school until the end of year 13”.

Ethan Holbrough – Got a Trade, Got it Made

Congratulations to Ethan Holbrough who has accepted an apprenticeship with Casa Construction.

Ethan participated in the Gateway programme this year with an interest in Building & Construction as a possible career. Not deterred by the very wet winter, Ethan demonstrated enthusiasm and commitment to learning skills of the trade to his Gateway employer. The positive experience Ethan had working alongside a very experienced builder and the team camaraderie, convinced Ethan that the construction trades were where his future lies. Through the Gateway programme Ethan concentrated on building his employability skills and completed courses pertinent to the industry such as Site Safe, Health & Safety, Driver’s License, and Height Safety. This put Ethan is a very strong position for obtaining an apprenticeship when one became available.

Well done and good luck Ethan.

Aston Fahey

Congratulations to Aston Fahey who has accepted a diesel apprenticeship with Clarke Equipment.

Aston participated in the Gateway programme this year as he had a genuine interest in pursuing a career in the Automotive trades.

Aston attended the “Got a Trade Got it Made” Speedmeets in September as one avenue to finding an automotive apprenticeship for 2019. Based on the concept of speed-dating, employers meet with students for six minutes to find out about each other. Each then notes whether they’d like to know more. Matches are then put in touch with each other after the event, and potentially job offers may be made.  Clarke Equipment were one of the many employers attending the Speedmeet.

Impressed with what he learnt about Clarke Equipment Aston took the initiative after the Speedmeet to contact Clarkes and request some work experience so each party could learn a little more about each other. Aston’s initiative, enthusiasm and determination won Clarkes over and resulted in an Apprenticeship offer.

Well done Aston, we wish you well for your exciting career ahead.

Computer IT Experience with Computer Concepts Limited

Two senior students from the ARA / CBHS computer class spent time with one of New Zealand’s leading IT companies, Computer Concepts Limited. General Manager Rik Rogers came in to speak to the class and invited students to come and have a look for themselves.

Joshua Egan and Henry Rogers were taken on a tour through the premises and spent time with Faimalo Magele at the Service Centre getting a feel for what it takes to work in this sort of environment. A number of students have taken up the invite and enjoyed this special opportunity to get inside the IT industry. Nick Slocombe, service desk manager, has been very generous over several years now and CBHS is grateful to him and his staff for allowing this to happen.

Aaron Hodgsen-Bell

Congratulations to Aaron Hodgsen-Bell who has accepted an apprenticeship with Maxwell Plumbing commencing September. Aaron participated in the Gateway programme this year gaining valuable experience and insight into the industry which has aided his success in obtaining an apprenticeship.  Well done and good luck Aaron.

Thomas Harcourt

Thomas knew very early on that he wanted a career in Building and Construction and structured his school subject choices around this goal.

Thomas joined the Gateway programme in 2017 with a work placement already in place with Trevor Hone Builders. Coupled with the skills he learnt in his wood technology class Thomas was able to competently complete a varied amount of building tasks on site.

Thomas was offered an apprenticeship with Trevor Hone Builders for 2018. With his positive can-do attitude Thomas is sure to be a successful builder.

Jayden O’Neill

Jayden participated in the Gateway programme in 2017. Inspired by family members Jayden decided a career in Building and Construction was the career for him. Jayden completed a work placement with Takahe Construction where he was exposed to a variety of building environments from new residential homes, hillside architectural homes through to renovations and additions. Jayden proved to be a reliable hard-working individual who was eager to learn.

Jayden accepted an apprenticeship  with Takahe Construction for 2018.

Dylan Everest

Dylan joined the CBHS Gateway programme in 2017 when he was in year 12. Dylan had a keen interest in becoming a Plumber when he left school. The Gateway programme allowed Dylan to gain some hands on practical experience and a taste of the industry.

Dylan enrolled at ARA in 2018 and completed the six month pre trade Plumbing course. Upon completion Dylan was offered an apprenticeship with Peter Diver Plumbing who had hosted him for a Gateway placement the previous year.

Well done Dylan, we wish you the very best for an exciting career ahead.

Ben Bickerstaff-Ginders

Congratulations to Ben Bickerstaff-Ginders who has accepted an Apprenticeship with his Gateway employer Clive Barrington the Architects Builder. Clive Barrington are one of New Zealand’s most award winning and iconic architectural builders.

We wish Ben well with his apprenticeship and his exciting career ahead.