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Improve your CV by using action words

Improve your CV by using action words

Using action words will make your CV stand out from the crowd – for example, instead of saying you ‘changed’ a project, use action words such as ‘refocused’ or ‘updated’.

Not only will you accurately describe your abilities and experience, but you will also make your CV easier to read for the recruiter – a great advantage to have in today’s competitive job market.

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‘What makes the perfect Student CV?’

‘What makes the perfect Student CV?’


Check out the following tips:

  1. Before sending off your CV, check it for these ten essential must-haves. If in doubt, ask for someone else to look over it as fresh sets of eyes usually find things you won’t.
  2. ​​ZERO spelling mistakes – even one minor error will stick out
  3. At least two referees – employers need them to tick a box and also check your details, so pick people who know you
  4. A clear file name – don’t complicate it, save it, for example, as Christopher_Walsh_CV_2019.DOCX (just replace the name with yours)
  5. A professional email address and voicemails –, for example, is going to win over If your mobile voicemail isn’t professional, re-record it with a simple sentence requesting callers leave a message for you to phone them back.
  6. 100% truth – don’t make things up. If you studied Japanese in Year 11, you’re not fluent in Japanese. Don’t risk being found out.
  7. Keeping to a 1-page length – a CV is a snapshot, not a business card, nor a novel. You don’t need to list every award or achievement since you started primary school.
  8. Giving examples of your experience – don’t say ‘worked night shift’, explain what your job entailed with bullet-point explanations of your regular tasks.
  9. Avoiding ANY use of shorthand or text language – don’t write ‘2nd job’ or ‘B/G’ (short for background).
  10. Logical layout, easy to read formatting – make it a comfortable read, and don’t reduce the spacing to cram it all in.
  11. A lot of volunteering, sports and initiatives – getting involved in your local community translates into CV power, so whatever you do or plan to do, make it count.

Like ALL of our guides, the CV template is free to use, download and take action on. More details can be found here: Student CV Template


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