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Thinking of choosing Engineering as a career?

‌Entry to the Bachelor of Engineering

The first year of the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours degree (BE (Hons)) at UC is called the ‘Engineering Intermediate Year’.

Studying the Engineering Intermediate Year is possible for all students who meet the entry requirements.

What to take at school

To ensure you have the best preparation for studying engineering at UC there are certain subjects you should be taking at school.  Check the Pathways in Engineering document for details.

The University of Canterbury does not use NCEA rank scores.

What to take in your Intermediate Year

The courses you are required to take for a standard Engineering Intermediate Year depend on the engineering discipline(s) you wish to study in the Professional Years.

The Engineering Intermediate Year Required Courses Chart outlines which courses are required for each of the engineering disciplines.

Interactive Course Planner

The interactive course planners below can be used to find which courses you need to take in your Intermediate Year depending on what you have studied at school. You can select elective courses that keep your options open for more than one engineering discipline.

Intermediate Year course planner:

  • with NCEA at High School


Download enrolment guide to Intermediate Year engineering





This course comprises two discrete aspects:

  • 3 days as an enrolled student at Christchurch Boys’ High School
  • 2 days as an enrolled student at Ara Institute/ Southern Institute of Technology/ Avon City Ford or other tertiary providers


  1. The aims of the tertiary course (Thursday-Friday) are:
  • To develop trade based practical skills
  • To gain Level Two NCEA through trade/industry relevant assessment


  1. The aims of the 12 General Studies course while at Christchurch Boys’ (Monday-Tuesday-

Wednesday) are:

  • To complete Level One NCEA thresholds(this will vary from student to student but includes Level One Numeracy, Level One Literacy and 80 Level One credits. NB: students that gained less than 50 Level One credits should consider selecting Level One courses instead of 12 General Studies)
  • To develop positive skills around work habits and relationships needed for a workplace
  • To provide a menu of skills, activities, micro-qualifications to suit to needs of a range of students
  • To develop life skills in preparation for transitioning from school to the workplace or tertiary/trade/apprenticeship pathways
  • To transition to full time work, apprenticeships or full-time tertiary study in 2021


NB: The 12 General Studies Course, other than assisting students to complete Level One, will not be assessment driven, although where appropriate and available, students will gather credits from some external short courses. The Level Two assessment aspect of this course will be gained through their external providers.


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Subject choices for 2020

Thanks to those parents that attended the CBHS Curriculum Evening.


Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the PowerPoint presentation.


Your son will have received an email to their school email account that contains information on how to enter their  subject choices for 2020 online.

More detailed information about choosing subjects is found in the CBHS Studies Guide. Check pages 21-23 for the number of subjects students should take per year level. Check also the ‘Recommended Level of Attainment’ per subject as this outlines important entry criteria.


  • If you are struggling to come up with ideas of what you might like to do when you leave school try this 15 minute multi choice quiz. CLICK HERE to start.


  • CLICK HERE to check out the CareersNZ website for some ideas of how to go about choosing subjects at school.

Choose subjects carefully

Curriculum afternoon Mon 20th August – Subject Choices

CBHS Curriculum Afternoon will be held Mon 20th August 4:30-6:00pm in The Hall.


This is a great opportunity to find out what will be taught in each subject area next year. Come along and see student work and talk with teaching staff.


Check out some websites below to assist you in what subjects to choose:


CLICK HERE for information on how to choose school subjects.


CLICK HERE for an excellent website containing information on specific jobs – – Download the App and refer to this information regularly