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High demand for medical imaging technologists

Do you have students who are great communicators, like helping people, are good with technology and have an eye for detail?

They might enjoy a job as a medical imaging technologist. This job may work with x-rays or more advanced equipment such as MRI scanners.

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Te Kura Summer School for NCEA Top Ups

Te Kura summer school enrollments are now open for any students who think they will need to complete standards for their Level 1 Numeracy and Literacy, UE literacy or to complete their NCEA certificate at Level 2 or 3.

There is no cost to families for enrollments and is open to all students in New Zealand to support students gaining the qualifications they need to achieve their goals.

The work and assessments completed between the end of December and the start of February will count towards this year’s results and endorsements.

Students in Years 11 and 12 returning to school next year can enrol under the Dual Ākonga section, Year 13 and any student not returning next year can apply through the Young Adult Ākonga section.

Some useful links to explore if you are thinking about enrolling are:

Te Kura Website
List of available subjects

If you have any issues with your enrollment Te Kura are more than happy to support you with this.
CONTACT: 0800 65 99 88.


Where to? Ki Hea Ra posters – find out where your school subjects can take you

A bilingual resource to help learners discover career options based on subjects they enjoy.

These 18 posters in English and te reo Māori show job and career opportunities related to The New Zealand Curriculum. They offer learners ideas about career options based on the subjects they enjoy studying.

(Odd-numbered pages are in English and even-numbered pages are the same posters in te reo Māori.)

18 different school subjects.

Victoria University of Wellington – key dates & info for school leavers


Key dates

Applications for study in 2022 are now open. Below are some key dates for 2022:

9 December 2021: Wellington enrolment evening

20 January: Enrolment applications due
21–25 February: New Students’ Orientation
28 February: Trimester 1 begins
February–April: School visits
May–July: Information evenings
26 August: Open Day

Campus visits and course planning

Although our campuses remain closed to the public, we are able to host in-person course planning sessions at our Kelburn campus, and campus tours with up to 10 people will be running each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Admission pathways

It has been another extraordinary year, and we understand students’ anxiety around assessment and achieving University Entrance (UE). We want to reassure you that we will be working with students individually to help them achieve their goals of studying at university. If you have any students who are worried about gaining UE this year and who are keen to study at the University, please encourage them to apply before results come out in January. We can then communicate with them about their options for admission if they do not gain UE. Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington will have a number of pathways available to students who do not achieve UE, helping students to begin their study in a supportive environment. More information on these pathways will be available on our website soon.

Horticulture Scholarships

There are significant value scholarships available for those considering studying horticulture-related or environmental science qualifications in 2022:

These can be found on our Go Hort website and include undergraduate and industry training scholarships:

(10 Dec cut-off)

and  (Nelson Tasman) Applications extended to Fri 17 Dec.

Adjusted Entry requirements for Bachelor of Engineering – AU

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) domestic entry requirements

What are the entry requirements for a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) through NCEA, Cambridge International or IB?

As a consequence to COVID disruptions in 2021, the Faculty wishes to signal an adjustment to its previously advised admission requirements for 2022 entrance.
In particular, while the previously advised rank score and subject requirements (for NCEA, CIE and IB) still guarantee entry, we advise the following entry paths also apply, subject to places being available.
National Certificate of Educational Achievement Level 3 (NCEA)
We will also consider applicants who have done well but have not quite achieved the guaranteed 260 rank score. In addition, we have made the following changes to Calculus and Physics subject requirements. Applicants will require, in addition to achieving University Entrance, a minimum of 11 external Level 3 credits in Mathematics with Calculus (two of the three of the following Calculus Achievement Standards); and a minimum of 10 external Level 3 credits in Physics (two out of the three following Physics Achievement Standards).
External Calculus Achievement Standards:
  • 91578: Apply differentiation methods in solving problems, 6 credits
  • 91579: Apply integration methods in solving problems, 6 credits
  • 91577: Apply the algebra of complex numbers in solving problems, 5 credits
External Physics credits Achievement Standards:
  • 91523: Demonstrate understanding of wave systems, 4 credits
  • 91524: Demonstrate understanding of mechanical systems, 6 credits
  • 91526: Demonstrate understanding of electrical systems, 6 credits.
NB: Although we would be again considering NCEA applicants with at least 11 credits in Calculus and 10 in Physics, these would not be guaranteed–but consideration as per AS in CIE and SL in IB.
Further notes:
For applicants (from NCEA, CIE and IB) who have completed all the subject requirements but didn’t achieve the rank score required. The higher the rank score the more likely admission will be.

Online Job Interview Advice

Online Job Interviews.

A large number of employers are moving to online interviewing for first and sometimes only interviews. The reason for this, putting aside Covid, is that it’s faster and speeds up the recruitment process.
Employers can dial in, ask questions from their desk and get a very good feel if you are right or not for the position.
Below are some good tips about online interviews and how to prepare.
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