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Forklift STAR Course

Suitable for Yr12/13 students interested in future full or part time employment

The 1 day course includes a Forklift Qualification to drive a forklift on a work site (but not on public access or public road).  Also includes 7 x L3 credits.

See Mrs Mears for course dates/info/application

Armed Services STAR Course

Great prep for students considering Army, Airforce or Navy   12-15 July

Includes 9677  L2  C2

See Mrs Mears for info and application

Radio and Broadcasting STAR Course

NZ Radio Training for senior students interest in a career in radio/broadcasting

Earn 10 x L2 credits and 10 x L3 credits

Course Dates  26 – 29 April

See Mrs Mears to apply

Communication & Leadership STAR Course

27563  L3 C4          9681  L3  C3          9705  L3  C3

Course Dates 22/23 April

See Mrs Mears to apply

Security STAR Course

Security STAR Course – see Mrs Mears for info and application

Excellent prep for employment, armed services, police etc  –  26-27 April

27364  L2 C4

27360  L2  C4

27361  L3  C4

Comprehensive First Aid Certificate

Comprehensive First Aid Cert at Red Cross

School Holiday and Weekend dates available

See Mrs Mears in Careers Office

Travel & Tourism STAR Courses

April Holiday Dates for these courses to be advised soon

Travel & Tourism  5 days  5 credits

Insight into the travel and tourism industry     57      L2  C2     &     4251  L3  C3

Flight Attending – Includes         21842  L2 C4      &    23755  L3 C3

See Mrs Mears for info and application

Travel STAR Course

Travel STAR Course – includes 25192  V1  L3  C4

18-20 April  OR  18-20 July

Barista STAR Course

3 day Barista STAR course useful for future careers or part-time work

Includes 17288  L3  C5

Available Courses:  21-23 April  OR  27-29 April  OR  11-13 July  OR  14-16 July  OR  18-20 July  OR  21-23 July

See Mrs Mears to apply


STAR Courses 2016

STAR Courses are open to Senior Students – see list on STAR Board in Careers Rm- Placements are normally in School Holidays but First Aid also offer weekend courses

They offer a taste in a chosen field

Some include credits and other just the experience

Acceptance is at the discretion of CBHS Careers Staff

Placements are covered by STAR Funding