Dare to Prepare Study Skills presentation

As advertised in the latest newsletter the CBHS Careers Department is hosting a Study Skills presentation on Tuesday 24th October 6-8:15pm to be delivered by UCANDO. The seminar is titled DARE TO PREPARE. CBHS have hosted this presentation over the last 3 years and received excellent feedback from the parents and students that attended.

Topics covered include:
The differences between Skills-Based and Knowledge-Based Learning

Short Term versus Long Term Memory

Accelerated Learning Principals: How To SCAR Information Into Long-term memory

With an Emphasis on Multi-Sensory Learning

The Power Of Connections

The Undervalued Right Brain

The Need For Regular Review

Importance of Overviews

Power Of Keywords

Note taking using THInKmaps
The presentation is suitable for all students and parents/caregivers.
The presenter, Stuart Wright, of UCANDO is a leading New Zealand facilitator of Accelerated Learning and Whole Brain Learning Techniques. He has been a High School Senior Manager, Careers Adviser, as well as HOD Languages. Stuart has successfully taught various study skills and motivation courses to thousands of primary, secondary and tertiary students around New Zealand and more recently Australia. He has run teacher training courses through the Massey University College of Education as well as staff presentations at a variety of learning institutions.
Term 4 is a vital time for students to focus on their studies. Your son/daughter will have numerous Internal and External assessments between now and the end of the year. The skills learnt in this two hour presentation will hopefully assist your child to achieve to the best of their ability. I encourage you to take this opportunity to join your son/daughter and attend this presentation.
In order to secure your seat we ask that you REGISTER on-line and make payment by Tues 24th Oct 12noon. The cost is $10 per family. Tickets will be emailed to the contact email that you enter on the registration form. Please ensure that you bring this ticket with you to the event for entry.