Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Canterbury E-Week

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Canterbury.


To be eligible to apply for E-Week, students must be enrolled in Year 12 or Year 13 at a NZ high school in 2016 and have taken courses to date consistent with entry into our Bachelor of Engineering with Honours degree (specifically Physics and Calculus).  Successful applicants will take part in a number of activities related to electronics, robotics, nanotechnology and electric power engineering.  Our purpose in running E-Week is to publicise the breadth of opportunities available to those who study electrical engineering.  The number of students who study in the area of electrical engineering has dropped in recent years, despite very strong employment opportunities for graduates from the professional engineering programmes at Universities of Canterbury and Auckland.

E-Week is free of cost for successful applicants.  They will be accommodated in one of the halls of residence on campus and all food is supplied.  The only cost to the students and their families will be for the travel to Christchurch for those who live elsewhere.  We will transfer attendees from/to their point of arrival/departure.


This event will be held over the high school term break in April 2016.  The event is later in the year because of a major refurbishment of our laboratories which is to be completed over the summer.

More information, application forms and photos from previous years events is available they need is available at www.elec.canterbury.ac.nz/eweek.