Not quite finished your Level 2 NCEA Certificate? Get over the line now…. For free!

A Level 2 NCEA Certificate is an important qualification to help you achieve your plans for this year, for your career or for further learning. Kick start your 2016 year with your Level 2 Certificate completed!

What is Summer School? If you need 8 credits or less to complete your Level 2 NCEA Certificate, Summer School is for you. If you’ve left school and are working, here’s the chance to complete what you need at a time that doesn’t cut across your work commitments. If you’re returning to school in 2016, Summer School is a great way to finish Level 2 NCEA and gain some extra free tuition.

The right pathway for you: There are some interesting pathways for you to achieve the credits you need for your Level 2 Certificate. You could complete standards in subjects you’ve studied before, or in new areas like Tourism or Hospitality. If you’re talented in sport or music, we have standards that suit you too.

When? Summer School runs from 18th January 2016.

Where? It’s based in the centre of town at Hagley College, 510 Hagley Avenue, Christchurch.

How much? Level 2 NCEA Summer School is FREE.

What do you need to do? Call 379 3090 to enrol from 13th January 2016


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2016 Summer School Principals Letter