Massey University Student Experience Day

Kia ora tatou, Talofa lava, Warm greetings from the Wellington Massey University campus!

We are holding a CoCA Student Experience Day on Wednesday 7 March from 9.30 – 3pm.

We would like to offer students in Year 13 to have their flights subsidized (up to $150) to come to Wellington and attend this day. We are only helping to fund ten (10) students so this offer is subject to availability.

We will pick students up from the airport in the morning, we ask they book flights to arrive before 8.30am, and will drop back to airport. Straight after the day’s programme out of town students will be taken on a tour of the Wellington campus Accommodation options so students will be asked to book flights home after 5pm.

Can you please forward this email to teachers that can shoulder tap students to come along?

We are very keen to assist students:

you know have potential in art, design, creative media and/or commercial music
who may benefit from this opportunity as they may not come up for a campus tours or Open Day
and definitely needs to be Year 13 and on track for UE!

I have attached a copy of the day’s draft programme for your attention.

Look forward to hearing back from you or your student soon. I will need to close off this offer next week, Friday 23 February, so I have time to coordinate their registrations and gather other details relating to their flights etc.

Please see Mr Webster in Careers Office ASAP if this is of interest to you.




CoCA Student Experience Day Programme  

Wednesday 7 March 2018 

Time                What                                                                             Location 

09.30                    Welcome                       4B06 (block 4 level B) 


10.00-11.15         Morning workshops 

     Commercial Music                         
     Creative Media Production    
     Fine Arts (am)    
     Industrial (am)  

Photography (am)  

Spatial Design (am)  

Textiles (am)    

     Visual Communication Design (am)    


11.15                  CoCA Student Presentation                           


12.00-1.00       Lunch and tours                      Level C, block 12, Te Ara Hihiko 

1.00– 2.15      Afternoon Workshops 

     Commercial Music (pm)  

Creative Media Production (pm)  

Fashion (pm)   

     Fine Arts (pm)    
     Industrial (pm)    
     Photography (pm)    
     Spatial Design (pm)    
     Textiles (pm)    
     Visual Communication Design (pm)    

2.15      CoCA Programme Outlines and Portfolio presentation          4B06                       


3.00      Evaluations | Finish for the day 


Out of town visitors will be taken to The Cube for a look around accommodation at the end of the day 3 – 4 pm