Gap Experiences and Global Competence

We’re passionate about gap experiences for young people, and believe the added value of our  Global Competence Certificate (GCC), means students looking to have a gap experience, either between leaving school and starting Uni, or who want a longer gap experience, can also gain a valuable qualification.

We pair the GCC with all of our 18+ programmes. It consists of a set of online modules and webinar/in-person sessions with a trained facilitator (Chloe Eberly at AFS NZL) alongside the gap experience itself. Designed to support learners participating in an intercultural experience, the GCC builds global competence.

What is Global Competence? Put simply, to be globally competent a person will have moved through the four stages of cultural competence, understand differences such as those between stereotypes and generalizations, and have reached an understanding of other cultures beyond their own experience and upbringing. A globally competent person understands the complexities of other peoples and ways of living and working, and the world at large.

This brief video explains what the GCC is:

Feel free to email me with any questions either about our gap experiences, or the GCC.


“Volunteering with Go Kiwi Go is the best decision I have ever made. The experiences I received while volunteering have shaped me into a globally aware citizen and have ignited a passion for volunteer work, and cross cultural studies.”
 Jasper, volunteering in Nepal Feb 2018
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