Dual Enrolled options




This course comprises two discrete aspects:

  • 3 days as an enrolled student at Christchurch Boys’ High School
  • 2 days as an enrolled student at Ara Institute/ Southern Institute of Technology/ Avon City Ford or other tertiary providers


  1. The aims of the tertiary course (Thursday-Friday) are:
  • To develop trade based practical skills
  • To gain Level Two NCEA through trade/industry relevant assessment


  1. The aims of the 12 General Studies course while at Christchurch Boys’ (Monday-Tuesday-

Wednesday) are:

  • To complete Level One NCEA thresholds(this will vary from student to student but includes Level One Numeracy, Level One Literacy and 80 Level One credits. NB: students that gained less than 50 Level One credits should consider selecting Level One courses instead of 12 General Studies)
  • To develop positive skills around work habits and relationships needed for a workplace
  • To provide a menu of skills, activities, micro-qualifications to suit to needs of a range of students
  • To develop life skills in preparation for transitioning from school to the workplace or tertiary/trade/apprenticeship pathways
  • To transition to full time work, apprenticeships or full-time tertiary study in 2022


NB: The 12 General Studies Course, other than assisting students to complete Level One, will not be assessment driven, although where appropriate and available, students will gather credits from some external short courses. The Level Two assessment aspect of this course will be gained through their external providers.


Who is the course intended for?


  • Students in Year 12 that have a specific interest in trades that cannot be meet through the school’s existing Technology curriculum
  • Students that wish to explore a specific trade pathway toward full-time vocational training, apprenticeships or full-time employment
  • This is a transitioning course for students not returning to school as Year 13 students


12 General Studies CBHS Course Outline

  1. Students will select TWO standard Year 12 options. These options must be in Column 1 and 2 of the school’s timetable. (NB: those options will NOT include Study). These classes will take place:
  • Mondays Period One and Period Two
  • Tuesdays Period Two and Three
  • Wednesdays Period Three and Four
  • Students will miss one period per week under this structure for those subjects. Time and study guidance will be made available for students to catch up on that work in the General Studies periods.


  1. Students will be placed into 12 General Studies for the remaining 8 hours of timetabled classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.This time will be used across a range of activities using a menu-based approach. It may include aspects of the following:
  • Completing Level One Literacy(if appropriate)
  • Completing Level One Numeracy(if appropriate)
  • Physical training of up to one hour per day. This will include a range of topics in 6-8 week blocks:
  1. For example-400m swim lifeguard style qualification
  2. For example- strength training
  3. For example- running training/circuit training
  • Study time to catch up on the one period of missed subject content
  • Financial literacy including banking, credit card debt, online payments, hire purchase and financial contracts, reading the small print
  • Drivers licence theory test study
  • Budgeting
  • Basic food skills. Developing 10 basic flatting meals including design, budgeting and preparation.
  • Curriculum Vitae both written and online, including covering letters
  • Level One Human Resources unit from point of view of “this is what employers want, and how can I make myself employable”
  • Police discussion – Richard Brunton, drugs, driving, sexual consent
  • CBHS Community Service project
  1. For example,design and build an outside table for school
  2. For example, design and run the cross country (measurement, course design)
  3. For example,run an event such as the CBHS Swimming Sports


Students may also be offered a range of externally provided courses to gain micro-credentials. These may include:

  • Heights Safety
  • Small Motors Course
  • Bakery Course
  • Pro-Med workplace safety course (back injury, hearing)
  • First Aid Certificate

Attendance at both components of the course is compulsory. Failure to meet the requirements of either CBHS or the tertiary provider will result in removal from the Dual Enrolled programme.

Entry criteria
  • You must be a motivated Year 12 CBHS student
  • You need to be keen to pursue a career pathway related to the programme
  • As this programme is delivered in conjunction with an outside tertiary provider students’ must have demonstrated good attendance and behaviour in previous years. School Reports, attendance records and teacher comments will all be considered in the selection process.
  • Ideally you should have achieved NCEA Level 1 including English and Maths or be working towards it (however exceptions may be made in some circumstances).
  • Meet the entry criteria set by the tertiary provider and attend an interview
  • A limited number of places are available
This option is perfect for students who . . .
  • Want an alternative to traditional secondary education.
  • Are looking for something hands-on, practical and relevant to an industry or profession.
  • Want a qualification that gives you skills and strengths employers are looking for.
  • Want to obtain NCEA credits for real-world career training. Studies Guide 2021 – 118-120 What can I study? You will attend CBHS Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday completing a set course of work and you will attend a local tertiary provider Thursday and Friday to study for your vocational qualification. Dual Enrolled students can partake in skills-based training in the following areas:


  • Building and Construction           Automotive and Engineering
  • Food and Hospitality                    Electrical        Retail
  • Tourism, Retail, Hair and Beauty
  • Agriculture, Equine, Horticulture and Animal Care – delivered by National Trade Academy

(The list above is subject to change due to changes in government funding allocations)


  • CLICK HERE to register you interest for the 2020 Dual Enrolled programme

National Trade Academy

The National Trade Academy provides New Zealand and international students with training and education that leads to New Zealand qualifications in a range of land based industries including; Agriculture, Equine, Horticulture and Animal Care.

CLICK HERE for more information


For more information please email the Dual Pathways Coordinator, Mr Phil Robson –

Email:  robsonp@staff.cbhs.school.nz