The Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource (STAR) assists to provide Year 11-13 students’ with relevant, coherent learning experiences aligned to the Vocational Pathways.

The objectives of STAR are to:
• Respond to students’ needs, motivate them to achieve, and facilitate their smooth transition to further education, training or employment.
• Support students’ to explore career pathways and help them make informed decisions about their schooling and future work or study.

Selected STAR courses offer Level 1-3 NCEA credits while other courses offer students experiential learning, closely aligned to a particular career or industry.

Eligible students’ are identified by Teachers, Deans and Careers staff and appropriate courses are offered to meet the needs of the individual student. Industry specific courses will be made available to those students’ who have identified a strong interest in a particular career pathway or industry. For example, a student who has identified Building and Construction as a possible career path may be offered a Site Safe course and/or a Comprehensive First Aid certificate. Wherever possible students’ are to attend STAR courses during school holidays to minimise their time out of school.

STAR course eligibility criteria:

  • Good school attendance record
  • Good classroom work ethic and behaviour

Students’ selected to participate in STAR courses must be approved by the Careers Advisor. STAR course availability will vary from time to time depending on what STAR courses are being offered by external training providers and bookings will be dependent on STAR funding available at any given time.

Any senior student interested in attending a STAR course should contact the Careers staff to determine their eligibility and to establish what appropriate courses may be available.